URL: http://edu.symbaloo.com/
  • Personal Learning Environment (PLE) to visually organize and share the best of the web.
    • Organize and Share the BEST of the web with your students
    • Organize teaching resources all in one place
    • Encourage student to students collaboration
    • Promote innovation while maintaining simplicity in teaching

What is Symbaloo?

  • Symbaloo is the easiest personal start page on the Internet
  • Discover pages with the best links pertaining to a subject
  • Create your own webmix (page) with your favorite links and resources
  • Share your webmix (page) with the rest of the works
  • Open a FREE account now
  • Access all of your Webmixes anywhere in the world



  • Free for individual use
  • Teacher Forum to exchange ideas
  • Customizable
  • Allows you to bookmark Glogs, videos, GoogleDocs, and much more that you have created across the web
  • Simple and easy to use and navigate


  • In order to have the added Teacher/Student benefits, a paid subscription is required. Individual classroom-$34.99 for one year or $24.99 for two years


  • Both teachers and students can share their SymbalooEDU webmixes
  • Allows students to organize websites and tools that they use in the classroom and even outside the classroom
  • Students can share their projects and work they have created on their Symbaloo
  • Teaches students digital literacy skills


  • Students placing inappropriate content on their SymbalooEDU webmix
  • Viewing inappropriate content on others SymbalooEDU webmix

Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Students can use SymbalooEDU as their electronic portfolio
  • Teachers can provide students with appropriate links for a research project
  • Provide students with websites that will provide them with additional information or help on a specific topic
  • SymbalooEdu can act as your homepage enabling both students and parents to have access to your classroom website (if you have one), recourses, etc. all in one location

Additional Resources: